The story of the company begins a long time ago, in the 19th century Paris, when a famous clarinetist with the Paris Opera, Eugene Van Doren began making reeds for his fellow players in the comfort of his own dining room. He invented a reed-making machine to help him in his work and soon, the business outgrew his home. Ever since that time, making clarinet reeds has been a family trade. Eugene’s son, Robert, who also played the clarinet, spread the word of his father’s amazing reeds to the US, where he toured in 1928. Praising him for the unique beauty of his sound, everyone wanted to know his secret and so, the popularity of Van Doren’s reeds skyrocketed. As time passed, the Vandoren company grew, and more and more new reed models came to be fashioned, in order to suit the needs of different musicians. Today, their 5RV model is among the most popular ones, together with B45, designed by Robert’s son Bernard. The company is today known as one of the leading manufacturers of clarinet and saxophone reeds and mouthpieces that are praised for their high quality - among amateurs, students and professionals alike.

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