About Us

Our Mission:

Whether you play the violin, french horn, or drums, all of us musicians share the same concern for our instrument... that it
remain unscratched.  

Our mission is to safeguard your instrument with a top quality, fashionable, and  ergonomic selection of cases for all
musical instruments for all types of musicians (except singers, we can’t make a case big enough for their egos).

Created by musicians, for musicians, Musicases offers you a wide range of the highest quality, most durable and stylish
instrument cases from around the world. Feel free to check out our vast selection of hundreds of top-of-the-line cases for all
musical instruments. Don’t forget to contact us with any questions or if you just want some feedback on your latest piece.

Who we are:

Musicases is an international, London-based company, that provides the top notch cases for all musical instruments.

Although we are a business, we’ll be the first to admit that we are not businessmen.  We are first and foremost musicians
just like you.  

One day, our baritone sax player’s case fell apart. While on tour, we embarked on a quest throughout Europe in search of a
quality case for his instrument. During our journey, we discovered an entire universe of top case manufacturers whose cases
not only protect your instrument like a steel safe, but are actually light-weight, ergonomic, and fashionable!

And just as us musicians strive to share our music with the world, so too do we want to share our hidden world of high end
instrument cases and carriers with our fellow musicians.

At Musicases, all of our staff are musicians. That means we understand your needs while providing customizable solutions
for your unique instrument. Our expertise, common interest means total customer satisfaction.

We deliver directly from the manufacturer to your door. This means you will receive your case in a timely manner without
hassle. No more weeks of waiting or traveling from city to city to find your customized case! Now you can sit back knowing
that in a few easy clicks, your perfect instrument protector will be en route to your residence.

So whether you tickle, kiss, or beat your instrument, we’ve got the case for it.

Enjoy browsing our massive selection of top tier cases. If you have any questions or need advice,

Please call or email. We're here to help you.